Examples of Video and Animation Work

I am very experienced in After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, color keying, video effects, working with video/footage, text, animation, motion tweening, 2D basic character animation

Mourning Rituals

Walk animation made in After Effects. Designed creature and setting, constructed with pen and pencil tools in Illustrator, imported parts into After Effects, used motion tweening to loop a walk cycle. Background split into separate parts (front, mid, back) to give illusion of space. See images below for progress shots.

Movie Screens

Music by Meese. Kinetic Typography video made in After Effects, graphics made in Illustrator.

Needs More Cats

This one was really, really fun. Having a good time with green screen. Used Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere. Used tools and techniques such as color keying, Photoshop video editing, and various effects. Worked hard to line up with music. Music is by Jackal Queenston. All video shot by me.
Is it really cat food? Is it just beans? I’ll never tell.
Take the message at the end to heart.
Progress shot:


Video focusing on abstraction of subject. Spoiler alert: it’s ink and water on canvas. Dropped from a decent height. I will never get that ink off of that wall.
Video went through Photoshop editing, After Effects editing. Had a lot of fun with the colors. Music by The Glitch Mob.

Supernatural Title Sequence

Made as a sort of closing sequence for the TV show Supernatural. Not actually for the show, just for fun. I created and animated all backgrounds you see, used Illustrator and After Effects. Music by Rob Zombie. First few seconds are supposed to be black – don’t fret!
Progress shot: