Web Design

Examples of Web Design Work

I am experienced in CSS, CSS3, SASS, HTML, and Responsive Design, with a working knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.


American College of Physicians

I worked with a team over the course of several months to update and overhaul ACP’s web presence. I completed various tasks and designs as requested, using CSS, CSS3, SASS, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, and some minor Javascript. I also helped make the site responsive, identifying and correcting any problems with responsiveness. Used Drupal CMS. See a few examples of content I worked on below.


MKSAP Resource Site (Part of ACP Online, above)

I was tasked with making this site responsive, starting with a site that was wholly unresponsive. I modified the site to work well across all devices, including implementation of a sliding drawer menu on mobile. Also added other elements such as smooth scrolling when jumping down a long page, and updated styles to fit better with ACP Online.


Suburban Waste Services (Bought Out – site no longer in existence)

I was one of the main designers of this website, though the company was recently bought out (Aug 2016) and the site is no longer up. I’ve compiled some screengrabs of the site here.
Features: Showcase slider, created theme, heavy CSS modifications, header menu, php elements, large number of pages, blog articles, WordPress

Alaskan Independent Power Producers Association (AIPPA)

Features: Video embed, heavy CSS modifications, header menu, heavy template modifications, custom fonts, WordPress

Kootznoowoo Business Management Services (KBMS)

Features: Showcase slider, heavy CSS modifications, header menu, google maps integration, WordPress


Berlin Advisors

Features: Showcase slider, CSS modifications, header menu, flat full-width design, WordPress